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ASSET RADIO BROADCASTING (PVT) LIMITED commenced its commercial operations with its first Sinhala FM channel "NETH FM" on 03rd November 2005 with the motto, ‘Radio for Life’. NETH FM has opened the eyes of its listeners by developing creativity and visualisation of the radio within a very short era which operates throughout 24 hours and caters to the entire family by broadcasting a wide variety of programmes that could touch on matters relating to everyday life styles of Sri Lankans – Religion, History, Culture, Science, Technology, Sports and Current Affairs. Which True Sri Lankans have been yearning for a radio station with this concept for decades, and now the Nations radio channel “NETH FM” has fulfilled the desires of the hearts of Sri Lankans. Presently NETH FM has tapped major segments of commercially viable area and covers 85% of the Sinhala Radio Listenership in the country & 70% from the total geographical area. Presently NETH FM the “Nations Radio” is rated as No. “3” and has a total listenership of nearly 3 million according to the latest LMRB research - by Lanka Market Research Bureau the officials in monitoring radio stations, and is particularly much popular on news, current affairs & other religious programmes. (i.e. Our morning & evening news and “Meth NETH Pamula” (01st religious programme in the private radio industry) are rated as number “1” among all radio stations). The 24 hour programme line up is carefully planned and based on research findings on the target mass audience, is the key to NETH FMs success, with top class entertainment as its priority. Impartial politically related programmes and events on NETH FM are amongst the most popular shows with the listeners. The channel was preliminary transmitted from two transmitting stations namely Magalakanda & Gongala in frequency levels 105.9FM and 93.9FM. and covered Western Province, Southern Province, and parts of North Western and Sabaragamuwa Provinces and was expanded vastly due to the demand, and from 2006, 95FM was transmitted from Ocean Tower Building and covered the areas in and around Colombo, 100.4 FM from Hunnasgiriya covered areas in Kandy, 105.4 FM from Laggala covered North Central & North East & 105.9 FM from Nayabedda covered Uva & Eastern Provinces. After the restructuring of Radio Frequencies by 1st of November 2012, NETH FM covers Western, Down South, Central, North Central and North Western by FM 95 and Western, Uva and Eastern by FM 94.8 Generally, most radio stations in Sri Lanka focus solely on entertainment only! but NETH FM stays true to its motto and develops the country through infotainment – by providing both information and entertainment. `NETH FM believes that people should be empowered to develop their lives and values of society for the betterment of the country with a strong focus on social responsibility, NETH FM envisions itself to be the most dependable and innovative media partner, fostering true Sri Lankan spirit in the minds of the masses.